Fabio Cifariello Ciardi (Roma, 1960) studied composition, electronic music and musicology at Rome Conservatory of Music and Bologna University. He studied with Tristain Murail, Phillipe Manoury (IRCAM), Franco Donatoni (Accademia S.Cecilia). In 1991 he won the selection for the Cursus de Informatique Musicale at IRCAM. In 1995 he has been invited at EMS (Stockholm) as composer in residence.
In the field of both instrumental and electroacoustic music he has developed theories and methods on the possible relationship between sonic universes and the long-term memory of the listeners.
His compositions have been awarded prizes at various international competitions: "Ennio Porrino 1989" (Cagliari) , "L. Russolo 1992" (Varese), "MusicaNova 1993" (Praha - Czech), "ICMC Cd selection 1993" (Tokyo - Japan), "Olympia 1993" (Athens - Greek), "Spectri Sonori93" (Tulane - USA), XXV Concours Int. de Musique Electroacoustique 1998 (Bourges - France), Valentino Bucchi 1999 (Roma), ICMC selection 2000 (Berlin - Germany), Premio Nuova Musica - 39° Concorso Internazionale di Canto Corale C.A.Seghizzi (Gorizia), "VideoEvento d'Arte 2000" (Torino), ICMC selection 2002 (Göteborg - Sweden), HK.5 Rimusicazioni Film Festival 2003. His music is published and recorded by Edipan (Rome), RivoAlto-Casier (Treviso), Symposium-CAT (Trento), International Computer Music Association (San Francisco, USA), AIMI-Associazione Italiana d’Informatica Musicale (Gorizia), Unesco CIME-Cultures Electroniques (Bourges, France).
His works for orchestra have been commissioned and performed by Biennale di Venezia, Ravenna Festival, Aperto Festival Reggio Emilia, Orchestra Haydn di Trento e Bolzano, Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo, Orchestra MilanoClassica, Orchestra Sinfonica di Perugia , Orchestra di Roma e del Lazio, He has collaborated with performer such as Magnus Andersonn, Guido Arbonelli, Corrado Canonici , Uri Caine, Stefano Cardi, Mario Caroli, Diego Conti, Roberta Gottardi, Mari Kimura, Peter Kowald, Massimo Laura, Carin Levine, Michele Lo Muto.
He has developed softwares for dissonance calculation, sound spatialization and computer assisted composition. In 2003 he patented sMax, a toolkit for financial data sonification.
Cifariello Ciardi collaborated with the Department of Psychology of “La Sapienza” University in Rome and is a member of ECONA-Interuniversity Center for Research on Cognitive Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems. He has published several works dedicated to music analysis, psychology and policy of music. As a musicologist, he has collaborated with the Research Institute for Music Theatre, Rome and with RAI-Radio3.
He teaches composition and analysis at Perugia Conservatory and has founded, together with other composers, the Edison Studio for producing and diffusing electroacoustic music.

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